We are few and the work is hard

We started saving animals knowing that it would be difficult for us, but we also knew that we could count on you. The work of the volunteer is invaluable because it comes from the heart, not waiting for the reward.

Volunteer work can take many forms, we will list them in a way that we believe is important.

Socialization is the key to happiness. The more a dog or a cat are used to be around human, the greater the chance of being adopted.

That is why when the weather is fine we develop a series of events in which young and old are welcome in our yard.

Of the house

We want that the place where the animals live to be as clean and tidy as possible. There should be no places or objects where they can be injured, the ground should be as uneventful and climbed as possible, the grass should be cut.

A corner of heaven!

In the cold season, the sluggish arms are very sought after, in order to warm the place where the puppies sleep.

Fur coats deteriorate over time, or are bitten by young teeth.

The list is open, we always have something to do.

Come on and convince yourself!


All puppies want beautiful pictures.

We all know that a beautiful picture can make a difference, a possible adopter can get a clearer idea of what his puppy or cat will look like.
Promotion is an important step in the process of finding a home for the furry. A step that we, together with you, tried to constantly improve.


A little bit a free time and a car can work wonders. There are situations in which we need transportation. Not very beautiful situations, in which the animals need transport as soon as possible.
What do you say, can we count on you?