Age: 3months old
Sex: male
Size: large

Hello, folks!
We would tell you where we came from, how many months old we are and who left us in the woods, but we do not speak human languages too well. Bicu, a gray-haired man, went out after the rain, to pick up mushrooms (very tasty: so we heard) and…guess what?… He saw us, took us in his cart and brought us to Ioana, at Sirius Animal Rescue.

Here, we ate a lot, we were starving, wet, trembling with cold, but we were finally happy, thanks to all the goodies we were given. Now, that our fate changed, we know that our beautiful life just begins. We would like to find and have a five stars home. We promise to be good and to love you very, very much.

P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you this: we come from the same place where these Sirius folks found Lexi and Robster, too. Considering how I look like (today I saw myself in a mirror), I’d say we are relatives – even close ones.

LEI – RO02BTRLRONCRT0387237201
GBP – RO07BTRLGBPCRT0387237201
Payee: Sirius Animal Rescue

Sirius Animal Rescue

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