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Sex: female
DOB: approx. 1 year old (as of 10.12.21)
Approx. adult size: Xsmall (please refer to ‘SIZING OF DOGS’ at the bottom)
Current weight: 9KG (as of 10.12.21)
Breed: Romanian mixed breed
Cat test: Not tested (can on request)

Maeve’s Rescue Story:

Iza found her alone on the side of a busy road, she was recently spayed, we thought she was lost. We made a post but no-one has asked about her and she has no microchip.
She has formed a bond with our handsome chap Feri � shes such a gentle little girl �

At Sirius Animal Rescue:

At Sirius we have 2 ‘pit stops’ in Romania, one in Capusu- Ruxi lives here on site, and one in Berindu, Ioana lives here on site.
Some dogs have to go into a foster home within Romania for their vaccination period as we can’t take unvaccinated dogs due to the high risk of parvo.
At each site there is between 50-100 dogs, all living freely together on our secure land, they eat, sleep and play together. All our dogs are dog friendly unless otherwise stated, our dogs can also be cat tested on request if not already tested.
Our dogs mainly live outdoors, sometimes coming into the house, so ALL basic training needs to be trained once adopted.
We try to socialise our dogs with humans as much as possible by carrying out volunteer days where families with children come to interact with them. Most of our dogs have never lived in a home environment, we try to prepare them as much as we can for this.
Adopting a rescue dog can be hard, it requires a lot of time, effort, patience and most importantly dedication to not give up and to help them overcome any issues that they may have.


Please be aware that weights of dogs are approximated and it is possible for them to grow bigger or smaller than their given approximate weight. It is very rare that we know parents of the puppies and they are mostly underweight when rescued.
We try to give an estimate to the best of our knowledge given their current size/age, but it is almost impossible to give an accurate estimate, please make sure you are aware and prepared for this before adoption.
Here are the size guidelines we use:
XSmall- upto 10KG
Small- 11-15KG
Medium- 16-25KG
Large- 26-35KG
Xlarge- 35+ large breed experience required

For more info, please leave us a message via one of the following social networks:

Sirius Animal Rescue

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