Sex: female
DOB: approx 4 months(as of 30.11.21)
Approx adult size: Xsmall (please refer to ‘sizing of dogs’ at the bottom)
Current weight: 6KG weighed on 30.11.21
Breed: Romanian mixed breed
Cat test: Not tested (can be on request)

Their Rescue Story:

Ivy was found by someone in the woods abandoned. That someone took her home where she eat rât poison. When the men realized something is wrong he called us. She was taken to the vets where they did tests and her blood results were not good at all. She needed a blood transfusion. One of our dogs was at the vets and he donated blood to save her life. She has been with us ever since.


Please be aware that weights of dogs are approximated and it is possible for them to grow bigger or smaller than their given approximate weight. It is very rare that we know parents of the puppies and they are mostly underweight when rescued.
We try to give an estimate to the best of our knowledge given their current size/age, but it is almost impossible to give an accurate estimate, please make sure you are aware and prepared for this before adoption.
Here are the size guidelines we use:
XSmall- upto 10KG
Small- 11-15KG
Medium- 16-25KG
Large- 26-35KG
Xlarge- 35+ large breed experience required

For more photos, Facebook album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1962089993965828&type=3

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Sirius Animal Rescue

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