We love animals!

This was the thought of the Sirius Animal Rescue association. This thought we want to reach each of you, and you will give it away, because together we can only make a beautiful community.

This is the idea on which Sirius Animal Rescue has been founded. This is the idea that we want to get across to you so that you yourselves can teach other people to do it, because only together can we make a beautiful community.

The most shining star observable with the naked eye is Sirius also known as the star of the dogs. Every pet that will be in our care deserves a little lucky star, but for this, we need to be united.

We want to mention and emphasize the idea that having an association, it does NOT mean that you have a prosperous business.

An association holds on due to the financial efforts of the community, the donations and the physical effort of everyone involved. Each and one of us are part of an association. Having an association only means that you have a legal way in which you can do your activity – which is taking care of the animals in need.

We would all want to have the best shelter conditions that respect the european norms and unlimited funds, but in reality there is no such thing. But it can become a reality with help from each of us.

We wish you would come and meet us. We wish to help as many animals as we can and we want to be transparent about it from start to finish