Flapjack -> Aurora

Age: Approximately June 2018
Gender: Female
Medium sized dog

Even if we thought the day was over for us, sadly that was not the case. In front of Anna’s house was abandoned a little dog. She couldn’t ignore her even if we had no more place to take another soul.

The dog is actually a 3 months old female puppy, with a thick chain that has demodicosis
Tomorrow she will be taken to the veterinary office and she will start treatment for demodicosis, her vaccination scheme and the quarantine period.

Please help us find a FOSTER, we really need it. We have no place to keep her other than to put her back in the streets.

It is very hard for us when we are faced with the inability to shelter dogs. Even if it is only one soul. But today a soul, tomorrow another … and we cannot longer handle the situation.

For donations, the following accounts can be used:
LEI – RO02BTRLRONCRT0387237201
Paypall: siriusanimalrescue@yahoo.com

Sirius Animal Rescue

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