EMI (was Miss Emma) – AVAILABLE for adoption in Lincolnshire area

Emi is currently in kennels. We are looking for a foster home whilst we continue to look for an adopter.

Emi is currently in the UK, currently location in Lincolnshire

?Hi, I’m Emi
I am currently located in kennels in Lincolnshire.
I am currently looking for my forever home and can’t wait to have a family of my own. ?
The team at the kennels say I am beautiful and have fallen in love with me, so don’t understand why my perfect pawrent hasn’t come forward yet!
I am a Illyrian/sarplaninac shepherd cross … Guardian breed, which means I am classed as extra large and I have luscious long locks to match my legs! I would love an owner who has experience with large dogs so knows how to set my boundaries to help me flourish with my natural instincts. ?
Lets start with the basics…
?50kg of fluff
?2 years old
?House trained and know basic commands
?Previously could be left alone in the house and didn’t mind – I’m sure I would be fine again in a new home
?Love to be pampered
?Walks well on a lead
And my rescue say we always have to be honest so here are some things you need to know…
?Although I am good on the lead I can sometimes bark at other dogs, this is a mix of excitement and nerves but I am getting better. The kennels have been helping me with this and I have improved
?I do love my food but it means I can resource guard – clear boundaries in the house will help me with this
?Due to my breed I have a high prey drive, so I really should be kept on a lead when out walking. However you can use my prey drive to help train me … my nose is amazing at following scents
So my perfect home would be…
⭐️ Adult only home
⭐️ To be the only animal in the home
⭐️ A secure garden where I can stretch my legs and play with footballs
⭐️ Someone with large dog experience
⭐️ A home who will walk me daily, but also pamper me with snuggles

For more details and photos, check her Facebook album:


DOB: 10.09.2020
Sex: female
Size: large
6 puppies were left on a field to die!?
The lucky ones ended up in Paula’s care (a person of rare empathy, beautiful and great animal lover), after they were left in a bag on a field. Paula took great care of them, they were vaccinated, dewormed, and now they have reached our pit stop. Two of them were adopted, one is reserved and the other 3 are waiting for their forever homes❤?



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