Our furry friends need you!

If you have arrived here, for sure someone will be very happy.

Join to our program “I know what I’m donating for”

Donations can be either money or goods


  • Through bank transfer

UK Bank (TransferWise)
Sirius Animal Rescue
A / C number: 45177486
Sort code: 23-14-70

Payee: Sirius Animal Rescue

GBP – RO07BTRLGBPCRT0387237201
Payee: Sirius Animal Rescue

LEI – RO02BTRLRONCRT0387237201
Payee: Sirius Animal Rescue

  • Paypal

  • Revol

     0040 740 189 461


Food – of all kinds

Blankets – for frosty winters and poorly animals

Absorbent training pads – for our learning little ones

Dog/cat beds – so our animals have somewhere nice and warm to sleep

Transport cages – very useful when we go to the vet and for rescuing dogs or cats

Leashes and collars – they are always the first to be gnawed, so we are in constant need

Bowls for food and water – the more the better, so that there are no conflicts

Medications or care products  – always welcome, only it must be valid (in date)

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How Your Donations Will Be Used 

Who we help

  • Animals housed in our shelter.
  • Animals housed in temporary shelters (usually for a fee).
  • Street animals that still can’t be taken over yet, but we take care of them until they can come into our care at the shelter.

How we help

  • We offer food and vaccination.
  • We offer sterilization.
  • We take care of special cases that require more expensive veterinary care from a financial point of view and / or hospitalization
  • Transportation of animals to / from the veterinary office.