Age: 4weeks old
Sex: female

When their time comes, the pregnant she-dogs search instinctively for a shelter away from people, where they can bring their young in the world. Few weeks ago, this little mother did exactly the opposite: she trusted some humans, entered their courtyard and delivered there three „meat-rolls”, thre very beautiful baby-girls.

We discovered the den with the beauties and we provided the mother with food and shelter. We could not deceive her…even if only few humans deserve to be trusted.

Now, since her „meat-rolls” have grown and there s the risk to go out, in the street, and to die crushed by cars, we look for homes for them.

We are sure that you will fall fast in love with them, for they are absolutely gorgeous: 3 puppies and a mummy.


Bank. Payee: Sirius Animal Rescue

LEI – RO02BTRLRONCRT0387237201
GBP – RO07BTRLGBPCRT0387237201

Sirius Animal Rescue

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