Age: 2 years of age
Sex: male
Size: big

Cirius, the dog from Aghiresu. This poor soul has been mistreated way to much for his 2 year old life.
One day a post came on the Animal Care of Cluj, with a video of Cirius. A video shared in this country over 1000 times, but noone jumped to help. He barely stood on his feet, being hit by a car.

The seccond day we set of in that city, Aghiresu and when we found the dog in terible shape, barely even moving. We put in the car next to another paralized dog named Max, and we set of to Veterinarius.

We where sad because we didnt look like he had a chance.

We did X-ray’s, blood work and CT and they were all bad. After the bloodwork it showed that his heart is bigger, kidnees and liver badly damaged. Anyone who watched the scans, didn’t believe the dog is still alive.

But we still had hope from CT that he was operable, but the answer was still a negative one. A surgery didn’t helped his quality of life, in other words, we don’t believe his body could take a surgery this complicated.

In the CT we saw 2 broken bones: one old and wrongfully healed and another new one, both of them caused by a car hit. His spine was fractured but his core is still viable.

He is an excelent dog, every day you can see his recovery getting faster and better.

In this link you have the initial post in wich you can see his initial state:

Sirius Animal Rescue

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